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Final Space Report To Congress Space Report To Congress2018-09-13T12:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass4B0C3380C95F4AFEB2B6113952CEC09D">Space has been in the news a lot lately with President Trump and some in Congress talking about the new Space Force. On August 9, DoD released its "Final Report on Organizational and Management Structure for the National Security Space Components of the Department of Defense". It's available at <a href="/cop/space/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=/cop/space/DAU%20Sponsored%20Documents/Final%20Space%20Report.pdf&action=default">DAU's Space Acquisition Community of Practice.</a> The report talks about how integral space is and the existing threat to our space assets. It lays out a space vision for the future and provides an organizational construct for the new Space Force. From an acquisition standpoint, the creation of the Space Development Agency (SDA) is the major component. The SDA details are spelled out on pages 8 and 9. Enjoy!!</div>string;#/training/career-development/program-management/blog/Final-Space-Report-To-Congress
OUSD (A&S) Memo on Middle Tier Acquisition Authority (A&S) Memo on Middle Tier Acquisition Authority2018-04-30T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass97C6D901563144E5B15B97F119B66287"><p>This briefing summarizes content from the 16 April 2018 OUSD (A&S) memo on Middle Tier Acquisition authority. The memo:</p> <ul> <li>Outlines authority granted to DoD in FY2016 NDAA, Section 804, to rapidly prototype/field capabilities distinct from traditional acquisition system</li> <li>Middle Tier of Acquisition (MTA) designated programs will not be subject to the Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) or DoD 5000.01 except as provided in implementing guidance</li> <li>Provides interim authority (until Sep 2019 but may be extended) to DoD Components; encourages them to immediately further Section 804 by developing and fielding procedures</li> <li>USD (A&S) will commence collaborative policy development not later than Jan 2019. Policy & guidance will be finalized prior to expiration of interim authority</li> </ul> <h1> </h1> <p><strong><a href="/training/career-development/program-management/Documents/OUSD16Apr18Memo-MiddleTierAcq.pdf"><img alt="" class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" />OUSD16Apr18Memo-MiddleTierAcq.pdf</a></strong></p></div>string;#/training/career-development/program-management/blog/OUSD-(AandS)-Memo-on-Middle-Tier-Acquisition-Authority
New Services Acquisition Management Tools Course Deployed Services Acquisition Management Tools Course Deployed2017-11-21T12:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass4F4E68306ADE422EA11C152B0E5FBF6D">On November 20, 2017, DAU deploys ACQ255, a new 18-hour DL course. ACQ255 is a recommended course for the functional services manager (FSM) as found in the <a href="/cop/ace/DAU%20Sponsored%20Documents/DoD%20Handbook%20for%20the%20Training%20and%20Dev%20of%20the%20SA%20Workforce.pdf" target="_blank" title="DoD Handbook for Training and Development of the SA Workforce">DoD Handbook for the Training and Development of the Services Acquisition Workforce</a>. To sign up for ACQ255, visit the training site on or see the ACQ255 <a href="" target="_blank" title="ACQ255 Concept Card">Concept Card</a>. <br> The course is based on the Seven-Step Services Acquisition (SA) process, DoD Instruction 5000.74, Defense Acquisition of Services, and Chapter 10 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook, Acquisition of Services. The emphasis is on tools available to support the multi-functional team performing a services acquisition as they progress through the three phases and seven steps of the SA Process. This course provides an awareness of management tools and best practices to plan, develop and execute an acquisition, thus providing our warfighters with the most effective and efficient services they need to accomplish their mission. This course also provides as an opportunity for experienced acquisition personnel to improve their understanding of the Service Acquisition process, approval levels and reporting requirements.<br></div>string;#/training/career-development/program-management/blog/New-Services-Acquisition-Management-Tools-Course-Deployed
Notional Program Management Career Map Program Management Career Map2017-08-16T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClassC9BDBCCA6EF14FCA978C10F6BB645EB9"><p>This OSD-developed Program Management Career Map is notional and for general knowledge and planning purposes only. Due to the unique nature of the career field, and the various entry points and sources of its members, many variations regarding training and experience are likely to ensure those filling positions in program management are prepared and most qualified.<br> <br> Attachment: <a href="/training/career-development/program-management/Lists/Blog/Attachments/32/OSD_Program%20Management%20Career%20Model_v6a.pptx?Web=1">PM Notional Career Map</a></p></div>string;#/training/career-development/program-management/blog/Notional-Program-Management-Career-Map