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June 24, 2019

Intellectual Property & Data Rights Hot Topic Forum

Permit me to pass on information about an upcoming DAU Alumni Association (DAUAA) Hot Topic Forum on the subject of “Navigating Data Rights, ...
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June 21, 2019 and Weapon Systems/DAU_Logistics Defense ATL Herding March Apr 2012_20170209.jpg

Driving Readiness through Early Life Cycle Sustainment Planning

Was recently pondering the criticality of early sustainment planning and its lasting impacts – both positively or negatively – on system ...
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June 21, 2019 Interest Areas/2019-06-21_10-39-40.png

New Issue of Defense Acquisition Magazine

The new July-August 2019 edition of the highly-regarded Defense Acquisition magazine is now available! This latest issue contains a range of ...
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June 20, 2019 Fields/DAU_Contracting Signing_20170103.jpg

Best Practices for Evaluating Small Business Participation

Given the statutory requirement in para (b)(2)(H) of 10 U.S.C. §2337 for DoD Product Support Managers (PSM) to “ensure that the product ...
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June 19, 2019 and Weapon Systems/DAU_F35 JSF-3_20171010.jpg

DoD IG Audit of F-35 Spares and Sustainment

The DoD Inspector General (IG) recently issued a report of potential interest to the life cycle logistics and product support manager ...
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June 18, 2019

New Commercial Item Acquisition Training

In case you weren't already aware, permit me to call your attention to a recent blog post from our contracting colleagues here at DAU ...
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