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Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element Guidebook

Updated 12/1/2011

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Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element Guidebook
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The Integrated Product Support (IPS) Element Guidebook is a Defense Acquisition University training asset intended to augment product support guidance contained in Enclosure 6 of DoD Instruction 5000.02. This guidebook picks up where Appendix A of the DoD Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook leaves off in describing the 12 IPS Elements. The information in this guidebook is augmented by additional information on theDAU Logistics Community of Practice IPS Element site and a related ACQuipedia article containing links to separate articles on each of the indvidual IPS Elements.
This guidebook is intended to: 
  1. Serve as a "one-stop shop" for detailed information about each of the twelve Integrated Product Support Elements; 
  2. Provide standard definitions for each of the IPS elements and sub-elements; 
  3. Identify key activities and products for each IPS element; 
  4. Provide information on who, what, why, how, where and when these activities and products are accomplished during a system's life cycle; and
  5. Be used in conjunction with the Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook.
This IPS Element Guidebook is intended to be regularly updated. Users are encouraged to forward recommended changes and other feedback via e-mail to

This document is part of an Integrated Product Support Guidebook Suite and serves as an important resource for defense acquisition workforce members to use in crafting and successfully executing life cycle product support and sustainment strategies.