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DoDI 5000.75: Business Systems Requirements and Acquisition

Updated 2/2/2017

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DoDI 5000.75: Business Systems Requirements and Acquisition
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In accordance with the authorities in DoD Directives 5134.01, 5144.02, 5105.82, 5105.53, the July 11, 2014 Deputy Secretary of Defense Memorandum, and DoD Directive 5000.01 this issuance:

  • Establishes policy for the use of the business capability acquisition cycle (BCAC) for business systems requirements and acquisition.
  • Implements the statutory requirements of Subtitle III of Title 40, United States Code (U.S.C.) and Section 811 of Public Law 106-398 (referred to in this issuance as the Clinger-Cohen Act (CCA)). The CIO recommends that no reviews beyond those described in this issuance are required for CCA compliance.
  • Supersedes DoD Instruction (DoDI) 5000.02 for all business system acquisition programs that are not designated as a Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) according to DoDI 5000.02.

This presentation of the DoD Instruction 5000.75 is an educational derivative of the official document hosted and maintained by the Defense Technical Information Center. The essential content is the same, but this document includes hyperlinks to improve the reader's experience and a full-context paragraph numbering scheme. The official DTIC publication takes precedence, and may be accessed at: