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AMSAA IOT Planning Tool (IPT) Discrete (IPT-D)

Updated 4/9/2015

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AMSAA IOT Planning Tool (IPT) Discrete (IPT-D)
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The purpose of the IPT-D is to help the user choose an appropriate IOT profile and obtain the necessary metrics for developing a reliability program plan. The IPT-D contains two tools called the IOT Planner - Discrete and the OC Curve Plotter - Discrete. These tools can:

  • Aid in conducting tradeoff analyses involving the reliability demonstration test parameters, the requirement parameters, and the associated risk parameters for planning reliability demonstration tests;
  • Display possible IOT test durations based on the required inputs and the associated risks; and
  • Calculate the goal reliability needed in IOT (RR+) using OC curve methodology.

The benefits associated with IPT-D include:

  • IOT Planner - Discrete tool can help the user choose an appropriate IOT test duration that satisfies the reliability requirement and Consumer/Producer risks;
  • OC Curve Plotter - Discrete tool can verify that the user's inputted IOT profile is valid;
  • Both tools provide the user with important metrics associated with the IOT profiles (e.g., the goal reliability needed in IOT); and
  • Both tools provide the user with the necessary metrics to develop a reliability growth plan (specifically RR+).
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Part of the AMSAA Tool Suite

This tool is part of a suite of reliability growth tools offered by AMSAA. For more information on the other tools available, visit the DAU AMSAA Tool Suite page.