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Sample Community Charter

Community Name

Identify the name of the community (e.g. Logistics CoP),

Community Membership/Audience

Identify the functional types that the community is targeting or is trying to attract (e.g., DoD logistics workforce, industry partners working logistics, other individuals working related logistics areas.

Community Purpose/Intent:

Identify the purpose/intent of the community (e.g. documenting, sharing, and transferring best practices).

Community Objectives:

Identify the community objectives (e.g. specific areas or issues that the community is interested in addressing).

Community Roles:

Identify the names of the individuals who are filling the key roles as defined in Community Roles and Responsibilities.

Critical Business Issues:

Identify the critical business issues the community will face.


Identify the resources required to support the community, (e.g. available organic resources, required contractor support, and performance-engineered content to develop).

Measures of Success:

List measures of success as determined by the community during the workshop.