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Guidelines for Participating in Share an Idea / Ask the Community (Discussion Forums)Each community has its own discussion forum called Share an Idea/Ask the Community, where members may connect with one another in engaging conversations about a particular topics or ask any questions they may have.  As with many discussion forums on the Internet, the community forums are not without rules and guidelines for safe, effective use.Common Sense Guidelines for Community Conversations:                            Don't stoop to insults. If someone upsets you, respond to the issue professionally instead of questioning the other's character. Respect others' privacy. Don't share anyone else's personal information, post messages from others, or share their personal communications without their permission. Additionally, comments in the discussions are prohibited from including the following: Topics unrelated to acquisitionUnlawful, harmful threats, abuse, harassment, defamation, vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, hate, racism, ethnic remarks, or other objectionable content of any kindAdvertisements and solicitations of commercial productsMessages that impersonate othersPersonal information (e.g. phone numbers, social security numbers, addresses, etc.)Offers of unauthorized downloads of any copyrighted or private informationUnauthorized use of trademarksRedundant information (i.e. information the user states repeatedly)Chain letters or storiesIf you see any posts that contain the above content, please use report it to the moderator/editor. They can be found on the Site Contacts area of the community home page.false,false,2