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Community Rules of Engagement

DAU communities provide a collaborative capability that allows individuals to share and connect across organizational boundaries on acquisition- and business-related topics. The social aspect invites members to participate by contributing content, responding to questions, and engaging in professional networking. However, because much of the content is accessible to the general public, it is important to adhere to the following rules when contributing content to the communities. In addition to these rules, please also view the Legal Notices.

DoD Instruction 8550.01 relates to DoD internet services and internet-based capabilities and provides guidance to avoid copyright infringement and to ensure that the following types of information are not released to the public. This type of content is strictly prohibited on any sites hosted on the, including communities of practice and team sites even though they may have restricted membership.

  • Because the Communities of Practice are on an unclassified system, do NOT contribute classified information anywhere on the DAU portal, including communities and team sites. Only publicly releasable information can be posted.
  • Do NOT contribute anything that discusses information that could place service members in jeopardy or that would be of use to adversaries. Such information can include the following: 
    • Technical information about specific DoD systems
    • Operational plans
    • Troop rotation schedules
    • Position and movement of U.S. naval craft
    • Descriptions of military bases at home or abroad
    • Vulnerabilities of weapon systems
  • Do NOT contribute business sensitive, copyrighted, proprietary information, and unlicensed or restricted software. Copyrighted materials may only be posted with the approval of the author, and a copy of the authorization should be attached with the posting. Alternatively, instead of posting the document directly, consider inserting a hyperlink to the copyright holder's site.
  • Any inactive accounts or accounts without current contact information will be disabled or deleted at the moderator's discretion.
  • Members agree to use the community and the portal for its intended purpose and are expected and encouraged to participate in the following ways:
    • Becoming a member of a community
    • Keeping personal profiles updated
    • Posting a profile photo appropriate for a government website
    • Suggesting and contributing content that is useful to other practitioners
    • Engaging in discussions and asking questions according to the Guidelines for Participating in Discussion Forums
    • Interacting with peers and subject matter experts
    • Following sites or setting up alerts to be notified about new content
  • Members are not permitted to engage in the following activities:
    • Promoting personal agendas
    • Marketing commercial items
    • Abusing email privileges. When given permission to send email to a large distribution list, use sparingly. Inappropriate use of email will be grounds for revoking membership.