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Boston University's Metropolitan College (MET)-Equip Yourself for Success University's Metropolitan College (MET)-Equip Yourself for Success2018-10-12T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass81A6C144ED594B0783876FB1E0670898"><strong>Equip Yourself for Success</strong><br> <br> <strong>Boston University’s Metropolitan College</strong> <strong>(MET)</strong> is proud to be a strategic partner of Defense Acquisition University. For more than fifty years, MET has brought the academic excellence and resources of an internationally respected research university to busy professionals via innovative, part-time programs that address the evolving needs of industry. As one of the 17 degree-granting bodies at BU, MET offers more than 70 graduate and undergraduate degree and certificate programs evenings on campus, online and in blended formats, including: <ul> <li>Applied Business Analytics</li> <li>Computer Information Systems</li> <li>Cybersecurity</li> <li>Enterprise Risk Management</li> <li>Financial Management</li> <li>IT Project Management</li> <li>Project Management</li> <li>Software Development</li> <li>Supply Chain Management</li> </ul> <br> At MET, members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce gain access to: <ul> <li>Cutting-edge facilities, the latest learning tools, and student support services</li> <li>Full-time faculty who combine extensive field experience with academic research</li> <li>Challenging class projects and case studies drawn from “real-life” scenarios</li> <li>Elective course waivers for students who have completed PMT 355 Program Management Office, part A, and PMT 360 Program Management Office, part B (up to two elective waivers, total, limited to electives in the MS Project Management program)</li> <li>Project management degree programs accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC)</li> <li>Online programs ranked among the top five in the nation for military veterans and service members by <em>U.S. News & World Report</em>: Master of Criminal Justice (#2), Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (#2), and the master’s degree programs in management (#5)</li> </ul> <br> Equip yourself for success. Acquire a degree or certificate from Boston University. Our enrollment advisors are ready to assist you at 617-353-6001 or at <u><a href=""></a></u>, or visit <a href=""></a>.<br></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Boston-University-Metropolitan-College-(MET)-Equip-Yourself-for-Success
Stevens Graduate Programs in Systems Engineering Graduate Programs in Systems Engineering2018-09-20T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass1FF580C77F594176B9CA539320C18BC8"><u><strong>Strong partnerships lead to student cost benefits and faster completion times</strong></u><br> <br> Stevens Institute of Technology is proud to offer DAWIA-certified students access to graduate programs to help expand your career opportunities. These master’s and graduate certificate programs combine the cutting-edge educational programs of Stevens with the certification training you receive at DAU to deliver you the best possible value.<br> <br> Students will be awarded credit hours after receiving DAWIA certifications in Engineering and Life Cycle Logistics, and passing related examinations given by Stevens. Details of this program are available in <a href="">the course descriptions listed here</a>. This partnership effectively lowers students' costs in receiving a world-class education and speeds up their time to completion. The maximum number of credits that can be earned from a DAU course exam is six graduate credits.<br> <br> Your courses will be offered through Stevens' award-winning online delivery platform, WebCampus. As a student, you will have 24/7 access to download lecture content, interact with your classmates and complete assignments. Our instructors will integrate video and other multimedia, real-time and recorded webinars for presentations, Q&A periods, and online “office hours” where students can interact with faculty.<br> <br> Stevens School of Systems and Enterprises offers key master’s and graduate certificate programs that focus on systems and software engineering, space systems, design and architecture, life cycle support, complexity, modeling, analytics, and agile methods. Stevens is a leader in systems engineering education and home of the Systems Engineering Research Center, a U.S. Department of Defense Center of Excellence.</div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Stevens-Graduate-Programs-in-Systems-Engineering
University of Fairfax Cybersecurity Seminar of Fairfax Cybersecurity Seminar2018-07-11T12:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass44B53993C1A84709A46533E19B08E194"><a href=""><img alt="" src="/partnerships/PublishingImages/Dr.Jenkins.jpg" style="width:1000px;height:800px;" /></a></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/University-of-Fairfax-Cybersecurity-Seminar
University of the Rockies, DOCTORAL RE-ENTRY PLAN of the Rockies, DOCTORAL RE-ENTRY PLAN2018-05-31T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass103F3796931447B88C6E92F4B3DA16C3">GAIN THE RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE BY COMPLETING YOUR DOCTORAL DEGREE<br> What University of the Rockies Can Do for You<br> Removes obstacles that may have prevented you from finishing your degree by providing:<br> Generous Transfer Policy: Transfer up to 75% of credits.<br> A minimum of 25% of your program must be completed at University of the Rockies to earn a degree.<br> Individualized Plan for Success: Receive a customized plan in 7-10 days. Deans, faculty, and staff members prepare an academic pathway for you to finish.<br> <br> Dissertation Support: Specialized faculty, support staff, and processes, all designed with your success in mind.<br> <br> Resources: Receive 24/7 library support, one-on-one tutoring, and research guides.<br> <br> Supportive Environment: Enjoy small online classroom sizes, plus academic support from advisors.<br> <br> Please reference Defense Acquisition University to learn more about your <a href="/partnerships/documents/University%20of%20the%20Rockies%20Final%20Signed%20MOU%2025%20Jan%202017.pdf">20% Tuition Grant & Technology Fee Waiver</a><br> <br> <a href=""></a><br> <br> 866-685-4085</div>string;#/partnerships/blog/University-of-the-Rockies,-DOCTORAL-RE-ENTRY-PLAN