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University of the Rockies, DOCTORAL RE-ENTRY PLAN of the Rockies, DOCTORAL RE-ENTRY PLAN2018-05-31T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClass103F3796931447B88C6E92F4B3DA16C3">GAIN THE RECOGNITION YOU DESERVE BY COMPLETING YOUR DOCTORAL DEGREE<br> What University of the Rockies Can Do for You<br> Removes obstacles that may have prevented you from finishing your degree by providing:<br> Generous Transfer Policy: Transfer up to 75% of credits.<br> A minimum of 25% of your program must be completed at University of the Rockies to earn a degree.<br> Individualized Plan for Success: Receive a customized plan in 7-10 days. Deans, faculty, and staff members prepare an academic pathway for you to finish.<br> <br> Dissertation Support: Specialized faculty, support staff, and processes, all designed with your success in mind.<br> <br> Resources: Receive 24/7 library support, one-on-one tutoring, and research guides.<br> <br> Supportive Environment: Enjoy small online classroom sizes, plus academic support from advisors.<br> <br> Please reference Defense Acquisition University to learn more about your <a href="/partnerships/documents/University%20of%20the%20Rockies%20Final%20Signed%20MOU%2025%20Jan%202017.pdf">20% Tuition Grant & Technology Fee Waiver</a><br> <br> <a href=""></a><br> <br> 866-685-4085</div>string;#/partnerships/blog/University-of-the-Rockies,-DOCTORAL-RE-ENTRY-PLAN
FASTRAC your DEGREE at Trident University your DEGREE at Trident University2018-05-02T16:00:00Z Wordmark.jpg, Wordmark.jpg Wordmark.jpg<div class="ExternalClassB2BFC94E0A9C4171AF2C3BF96AFA053F"><strong>FASTRAC your DEGREE at Trident University</strong><br> <br> Trident University International offers 23-degree options with 65+ concentrations that are 100% online. With monthly starts take the first step to FASTRAC your degree, start now: <a href=""></a><br> <br> Defense Acquisition University alumni receive up to a 26% tuition savings, waived application fees, no-cost open source references, and deferred billing for 45 days past the course completion.<br> <br> Trident University is regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Senior College & University Commission (WSCUC).<br> <br> For more information visit <a href=""></a> or contact James Shiver, Director of Strategic Alliances at <a href=""></a> or (888) 252-7598.</div>string;#/partnerships/blog/FASTRAC-your-DEGREE-at-Trident-University
Defense Acquisition University and University of Fairfax Renew Partnership Acquisition University and University of Fairfax Renew Partnership2018-04-24T16:00:00Z Images/DAUpartnership.jpg, Images/DAUpartnership.jpg Images/DAUpartnership.jpg<div class="ExternalClass295FF79837D84DCDBC125E420BAEE4E6">Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and the <a href="">University of Fairfax</a> renewed their strategic partnership April 18, 2018. Members of the Defense Acquisition Workforce interested in furthering their education through the University of Fairfax can take advantage of the following benefits:<br> <br> <img alt="" src="/partnerships/PublishingImages/20180418_University%20of%20Fairfax%20Signing_Gamboa-026.jpg" style="width:250px;float:right;height:229px;border:1px solid black;" /> <ul> <li>Application fee waiver for all students transferring approved credits from DAU courses;</li> <li>Acceptance of up to 9 credit hours or 3 courses based on transfer review;</li> <li>Students transferring DAU credit and enrolling the Master of Science in Cyber Security Management will also receive the <a href="">Crisis Fellowship</a>. The Crisis Fellowship saves students $268.50 per credit hour – with most courses requiring 3 credits, this saves students $805.50 per course – and can<br> be applied for up to 6 courses. A total savings of $4,833!</li> </ul> <br> Learn more about the <a href="">University of Fairfax Cybersecurity program path</a> and additional education tracks on their website.<br> For more information on the DAU and University of Fairfax partnership and application information, visit <a href=""></a><br> <br> The University of Fairfax was established in 2002 in response to the events of 9/11 to support federal efforts increasing the nation’s cybersecurity through high quality, online doctoral, master’s and graduate certificate programs for adult learners.<br> <br> The University of Fairfax offers flexible, in-demand distance education programs that meet the needs of employers in a changing global marketplace. Their quality programs foster critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration in career-focused disciplines. Global impact and professional connections are just a few of the many benefits of the prestigious education provided by University of Fairfax. The University accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).</div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Defense-Acquisition-University-and-University-of-Fairfax-Renew-Partnership
Colorado Technical University Patriot Scholarship Technical University Patriot Scholarship2018-02-20T05:00:00Z, Patriot Scholarship logo.jpg<div class="ExternalClass5C8FA1FB74E44950A01BC20DBBAD6CD7">Applications for Colorado Technical University’s Patriot Scholarship open on March 1, 2018. As of January 2018, CTU has awarded 500 scholarships, totaling $8.5 million! This scholarship was created to give back to those whose lives have been changed due to injuries sustained serving in the U.S. military and their families. Service members, veterans, their spouses, college-ready dependents, and caregivers are eligible for the scholarship. Apply today: <a href=""></a><br> <br> <img src="/partnerships/PublishingImages/CTU%20Patriot%20Scholarship%20Digital%20Flyer%20V1.jpg" alt="" style="width:800px;height:1035px;" /></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Colorado-Technical-University-Patriot-Scholarship