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May 20, 2019

Lashley’s Laws: You Can Have Anything You Want

Dr. Tony Lashley, a highly respected test designer and engineer at Eglin Air Force Base’s Guided Weapons Evaluation Facility in Florida, ...
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May 14, 2019

Targeted Interactions Between Parts and DMSMS Managements

First, relax. Now imagine a perfect world where every program can minimize unanticipated negative cost and schedule impacts. How? Through ...
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May 07, 2019

Intellectual Property Markings

What do intellectual property (IP) markings have to do with Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition? The short answer is a lot. Consider all ...
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April 03, 2019

Full Speed to the Fleet

As China races to assert itself in the Pacific, its rapid advances in air-to-air, surface-to-air, and anti-ship kill chains challenge ...
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March 27, 2019

The Heart of Weapon Systems Availability

To start with and to keep things simple, we’ll define availability as a measure of a weapon system’s readiness to perform its mission. In ...
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March 20, 2019

Simulations Vs. Case Studies

In the Navy, we used to say that there are three types of officers those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ...
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