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​Have you visited the Life Cycle Logistics Functional Gateway on our new SharePoint-based DAU website yet? If not, encourage you to take a few minutes to explore this new site. As the name suggests, the gateway site provides a single entry point for workforce members seeking logistics, product support and sustainment-related information, resources, references, and tools. Working from top-to-bottom, the "LOG Gateway" site affords users with easy access to:

  • Top-Level Menu, DAU Operational Status and Quick Search
    • DAU Regional Locations & Colleges
    • Training and On-line Resources
    • Extensive Logistics Resources
    • Product Support References & Tools
    • Product Support Policy & Guidance
    • Enhanced Search Functionality
  • Rotator Announcements
    • Late-breaking, time-sensitive and/or important community announcements
  • Logistics Quick Links
    • Training & Continuous Learning Modules
    • Communities of Practice
    • Ask-a-Professor
    • ACQuipedia
    • Certification Standards
    • Latest News
    • Integrated Suite of DoD Product Support Guidebooks (Future)
  • Contact & Organizational Information & Feedback

Encourage you to visit, explore and bookmark this powerful new life cycle logistics workforce enabler


Registration is now open for the 2019 DoD PSM Workshop.  The Workshop will take place from 14-16 May 2019 at the Smart Center, Joint Base Andrews.


For those who plan to attend on site, recommend registering sooner rather than later. To register, visit the PSM Workshop webpage at .