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​Have you visited the Life Cycle Logistics Functional Gateway on our new SharePoint-based DAU website yet? If not, encourage you to take a few minutes to explore this new site. As the name suggests, the gateway site provides a single entry point for workforce members seeking logistics, product support and sustainment-related information, resources, references, and tools. Working from top-to-bottom, the "LOG Gateway" site affords users with easy access to:

  • Top-Level Menu, DAU Operational Status and Quick Search
    • DAU Regional Locations & Colleges
    • Training and On-line Resources
    • Extensive Logistics Resources
    • Product Support References & Tools
    • Product Support Policy & Guidance
    • Enhanced Search Functionality
  • Rotator Announcements
    • Late-breaking, time-sensitive and/or important community announcements
  • Logistics Quick Links
    • Training & Continuous Learning Modules
    • Communities of Practice
    • Ask-a-Professor
    • ACQuipedia
    • Certification Standards
    • Latest News
    • Integrated Suite of DoD Product Support Guidebooks (Future)
  • Contact & Organizational Information & Feedback

Encourage you to visit, explore and bookmark this powerful new life cycle logistics workforce enabler