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State Dept ITAR 126.4 REV -- 4-19-19.pdfState Department ITAR 126.4 Exemption Revision (Apr 19)
The State Department published a long-awaited International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 126.4 revision in the Federal Register on April 19. 2019.

The previous version ITAR 126.4 was most often used as a DoD International Cooperative Program (ICP) ITAR exemption based on the DoD ITAR Exemption Guidelines issued by the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) in 2004/2007 (Note:  these DTSA ITAR Exemption Guidelines memos are available on this ICOP website.)

In addition to updating and clarifying several areas regarding use of ITAR 126.4 for ICP-related ITAR exemptions, the revised version of ITAR 126.4 also addresses non-FMS Security Cooperation efforts as well as the U.S. Government Customer and Border Protection (CBP) reporting requirements for the use of this exemption.

Consult your DoD Component International Program Organization (IPO) or local Foreign Disclosure Officer (FDO) regarding potential use of the revised ITAR 126.4 provisions in support of your Int'l Acquisition program's implementation.

4/25/2019 10:26 AMReference
JROCM 025-19 CAT Policy NSPM Task 2.7 Build Exportability.pdfJROC Memo on JCIDS Defense Exportability Reqmts (Apr 19)
The Chairman of the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) published a Memo establishing new Joint Capability Integration and Development System (JCIDS) requirements for Defense Exportabiity on April 15, 2019.

- Allied/partner interoperability should be addressed in the CONOPS section of JCIDS Initial Capabilities Documents (ICDs)

- Standard Defense Exportability language should be included as a Key System Attribute (KSA) in JCIDS Capability Development Documents (CDDs) for systems with export potential as determined by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) at Milestone A

The JROC Memo encourages DoD Components to begin incorporating these Defense Exportability aspects into current and future JCIDS requirements documents.  The next issuance of the JCIDS Manual will be updated to reflect these changes.
4/22/2019 9:00 AMReference
Navy IPO -- Pre-SSOI Development IA Checklist-Flow Chart (Mar 2019).PDFNavy IPO -- Pre-SSOI Development Int'l Agreement Checklist-Flow Chart (Mar 19)
The Navy International Programs Office (Navy IPO) International Agreements Division staff has developed an International Agreement ((IA) Checklist/Flow Chart which they use to help evaluate proposed Int'l Cooperative Program (ICP) efforts prior to beginning Summary Statement of Intent (SSOI) development.

While some of the aspects of this Navy IPO IA Flow Chart are Navy-specific, it highlights several areas that should be evaluated by any DoD Component IPO before proceeding with Exploratory (Technical) Discussions with one or more potential foreign partners and/or beginning internal DoD Component SSOI development activities.
4/1/2019 6:16 PMLessons Learned
CRS Report on Export Control Reform - 3-5-2019.pdfCongressional Research Service Report on Export Control Reform (Mar 2019)
The CRS published a comprehensive report on the successes and failures of the former SecDef Gates/Obama Administration Export Control Reform (ECR) efforts conducted from 2009 onward.

The CRS Reports focuses on the progress (or lack thereof) made on acheiving the "Four Singles" of ECR:

- A single export control licensing agency for dual-use, munitions exports, and Treasury-administered embargoes
- A unified control list
- A single primary enforcement coordination agency
- A single integrated information technology (IT) system

None of these "Four Singles" were fully achieved, but substantial progress was made in several areas.
3/31/2019 6:18 PMReport
FMR Vol 12 Ch 9 - Intl Agreements (Published Jan 2019).pdfFMR Vol 12 Ch 9 - Intl Agreements (Jan 2019)
Office of SecDef (Comptroller) published a revision to the DoD Financial Management Regulations (FMR) Volume 12, Chapter 9 - International Agreements in January 2019.

This revision is substantially the same as the previous version, but it does contain a few corrections requested by OUSD(A&S)/International Cooperation that will facilitate the International Cooperative Program (ICP) International Agreement review and approval process.

Consult the ICP Job Support Tool -- which can be accessed through this DAU ICOP website -- for detailed information on the ICP Int'l Agreement process.
3/9/2019 11:12 AMReference
USA000140-19 TAB A USD(AS) Cybersecurity in KRs 1-21-19.pdfUSD(A&S) Memo on Cybersecurity in DoD Contracts (Jan 19)
This Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Sustainment) Memo of Jan 21. 2019 provides updated guidance to the DoD acquisition workforce on incorporation and implementation of DoD cybersecurity requirements in DoD contracts with private sector entities.  It assigns DCMA primary responsibility for oversight and validation of contractor compliance, noting that (in specific circumstances) other DoD Component organizations may also have oversight and validation responsibilities in contractor cybersecurity oversight.
3/1/2019 8:57 PMReference

​Most recent version of the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) - Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) International Monthly Activity Report (IMAR)

5/31/2019 2:07 PM
Course Update

​ACQ 380 (International Acquisition Management) is DAU's Level III Int'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) course.  DoD acquisition workforce members receive a DAU Certification of Successful Completion of IACP Level III Training upon graduation from ACQ 380.  ACQ 380 graduates to date have enjoyed this participative, practical exercise/case study-based course and rated it very highly. 

Unfortunately the planned ACQ 380 offering at Fort Belvoir, VA scheduled for the end of February 2019 has been cancelled due to "low fill" (not enough students).  Please consider signing up for the May 2019 offering as soon as possible.

3/22/2019 5:31 PM

​We recently published two new ACQ 380 Presentation Charts on the ICOP that:

1) Summarize the FY 2017 and 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) legislative changes in the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) area; and,

2) Provide current information on the U.S. Government/DoD implementation policies that have been issued since these NDAAs were passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.

Click on the hotlink above to check them out!

11/25/2018 5:36 PM
Picture Placeholder: FRANK KENLON
03/22/2019 5:38 PM

​ACQ 340 (Advanced International Management Workshop) is DAU's International Cooperative Program (ICP) International Agreement (IA) negotiation simulation course.  It provides DoD ICP IA negotiators and Program Management/Integrated Product Team personnel assigned to ICPs with a comprehensive review of the knowledge and skills used to plan, develop, negotiate, and implement DoD A&S/R&E ICP IAs of all types.  May 2019 is approaching soon, so please consider signing up for this Int'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) position-specific in the near future.

3/22/2019 5:38 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: FRANK KENLON
11/6/2018 2:01 PM
​ACQ 380 (International Acquisition Management) is DAU's Level III Int'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) course. DoD acquisition workforce members receive a DAU Certification of Successful Completion of IACP Level III Training upon graduation from ACQ 380. ACQ 380 graduates to date have enjoyed this participative, practical exercise/case study-based course and rated it very highly.
Unfortunately, the planned ACQ 380 offering at the end of February 2019 at Fort Belvoir, VA had to be cancelled due to "low fill" (not enough students).  Please consider signing up for the May 2019 offering of ACQ 380 today.

MECHILLE BRADEN12/7/2018 11:34 AMNo
Picture Placeholder: FRANK KENLON
07/8/2018 5:16 PM

DSMC-International conducted an Int'l Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E) Lunch & Learn at DAU Fort Belvoir on August 15, 2018 from 1230 - 1400.  This presentation and discussion focused on the key planning considerations in acquisition programs to ensure acquisition workforce members are prepared and can take advantage of "going international" to improve acquisition outcomes for U.S. and allied/friendly nation warfighters.  See "What's New" to obtain an electronic copy of this IA&E Lunch & Learn presentation.

7/8/2018 5:16 PMNo
Picture Placeholder: FRANK KENLON
011/2/2017 9:25 AM

What could we (the DAU DSMC-I faculty) do to encourage greater interactive participation by IA&E Community members on this website?

Please sign in and provide your ideas today!

11/2/2017 9:25 AMYes

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