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​Most recent version of the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) - Defense Systems Management College (DSMC) International Monthly Activity Report (IMAR)

5/1/2019 5:05 PM6/30/2019
Course Update

​ACQ 380 (International Acquisition Management) is DAU's Level III Int'l Acquisition Career Path (IACP) course.  DoD acquisition workforce members receive a DAU Certification of Successful Completion of IACP Level III Training upon graduation from ACQ 380.  ACQ 380 graduates to date have enjoyed this participative, practical exercise/case study-based course and rated it very highly. 

Unfortunately the planned ACQ 380 offering at Fort Belvoir, VA scheduled for the end of February 2019 has been cancelled due to "low fill" (not enough students).  Please consider signing up for the May 2019 offering as soon as possible.

3/22/2019 5:31 PM6/1/2019

​We recently published two new ACQ 380 Presentation Charts on the ICOP that:

1) Summarize the FY 2017 and 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) legislative changes in the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) area; and,

2) Provide current information on the U.S. Government/DoD implementation policies that have been issued since these NDAAs were passed by Congress and signed into law by the President.

Click on the hotlink above to check them out!

11/25/2018 5:36 PM1/31/2019

​A revised version of DoD Directive 2040.03 that covers DoD-wide policy and procedures regarding signature of foreign End Use Certificates (EUCs) by DoD personnel was published on August, 31, 2018.  

Foreign governments use EUCs to control subsequent DoD re-transfer of defense articles acquired from their government or their companies to Third Party nations or companies.  DoDD 2040.03 provides policy guidance -- as well as the requirement for higher level DoD approvals in certain circumstances -- that all DoD Components must comply with regarding EUC signature on behalf of the DoD and USG.

11/25/2018 5:35 PM5/6/2019

Defense News Annual Outlook for 2018 published online in January 2018.  Contains various short articles by various senior leaders and commentators on international defense trends and developments to be mindful of during the coming year.

1/14/2018 12:45 PM5/1/2018
Course Update

ACQ 120 (Fundamentals of International Acquisition) and ACQ 130 (Fundamentals of Technology Security/Transfer) are required for Level I IACP certification and provide useful “refresher training” on DoD International Acquisition & Exportability (IA&E). The DAU iCatalog also provides guidance on how to register for the Level II ACQ 230 (International Acquisition Integration) and Level III ACQ 380 (International Acquisition Management) IACP certification courses.  


11/30/2017 3:32 PM12/31/2017

Consider visiting the website links listed below to obtain current IA&E news.  These websites also provide visitors with the ability to register and obtain daily or weekly 'Early Bird' e-mails on current IA&E developments.

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11/12/2017 12:01 PM5/31/2018