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Picture Placeholder: DAVID GREINKE
05/30/2019 4:08 PM

The DMSMS 2019 Committee invites you to submit an abstract for presentation at the DMSMS 2019 Conference.  This year's theme is "Strengthening Parts & DMSMS Management to Improve Readiness & Affordability".

For detailed information on topics and subject tracks please follow the link below to the DMSMS Abstract Submission Page

Deadline for Abstract Submission is July 31, 2019.

Additional Information on the DMSMS conference can be found at:

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5/31/2017 7:48 AM
Picture Placeholder: DAVID GREINKE
110/12/2018 2:57 PM

I'm providing a couple of link s below to recent articles on recently discovered computer hardware attack.  The article says "The attack by Chinese spies reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple, by compromising America's technology supply chain, according to extensive interviews with government and corporate sources."… and …   "Nested on the servers' motherboards, the testers found a tiny microchip, not much bigger than a grain of rice, that wasn't part of the boards' original design. Amazon reported the discovery to U.S. authorities, sending a shudder through the intelligence community. Elemental's servers could be found in Department of Defense data centers, the CIA's drone operations, and the onboard networks of Navy warships."

There is also a news video here

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15/31/2017 7:48 AM1
Picture Placeholder: DAVID GREINKE
07/31/2018 9:16 AM

You are invited to submit a presentation abstract for the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) 2018 Conference scheduled for December 3-6, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Government, Industry, and academia are encouraged to participate. Please be sure to submit abstracts and/or panel/training proposals within the appropriate track using the web site link. Abstracts and panel/training proposals should be 200-500 words in length. Do not attempt to submit abstracts or panel/training proposals through any other means. Submitted abstracts will be rated based on clarity, value added to the conference, and how well the topic fits within the track. Abstracts should be public releasable and contain no proprietary information. Please note that the conference planning team may determine that an abstract or panel/training proposal best fits in a track other that what was originally selected by the author.

DMSMS Abstract Submission

Abstracts should fit one of the following tracks

  • Obsolescence Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Innovations in DMSMS Management and Solutions
  • Parts Management Success Stories and Lessons Learned
  • Counterfeit Parts and Materials Prevention and Detection
  • Technology Refresh
  • Training
  • Poster Session

Detailed abstract information: DMSMS Abstracts - Tracks

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5/31/2017 7:48 AM
Picture Placeholder: DAVID GREINKE
06/8/2018 2:16 PM

​Robin Brown, DoD DMSMS Lead, was interviewed on trends in obsolescence management in May issue of Looking Forward, The Future of Obsolescence Management.

The article is on line at this link: Future of Obsolescence Management

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5/31/2017 7:48 AM
112/4/2017 8:57 AM

​Is there any more information available on the AMRDEC's MORE tool posted on Sep 17?  I was wondering if other DOD agencies would be able to utilize this tool for their DMSMS monitoring.  I couldn't find any information on how to get in contact with the program office or how to request access to the tool. 

DAVID GREINKE12/6/2017 5:58 PMNoAsk the Community
11/29/2017 2:08 PM
Picture Placeholder: BHARTAN AMIN
111/21/2017 9:30 AM

​Can we relocate the DKSP homepage from the subset of DAU to stand alone homepage?  If not, we should relocate to the subset of GIDEP.

We should be the subset of GIDEP for 2 reasons:

1. The DMSMS topic is more closely related to the GIDEP than DAU.

2. With a link to GIDEP, our exposure, participation, and membeship will increase.

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8/16/2017 4:45 PM
Picture Placeholder: LYNN STOCKBRIDGE
19/27/2017 10:40 AM

I see a number of contracts only referencing DMS but very few using DMSMS.  DMS is used so muchthat there are many people who are unaware of the term (DMSMS). The DMSMS Guidebook (SD-22) 05-16-2017 only mentions DMS a few times in Example 12, 13 and 18. While DMSMS is mentioned several 100 times throughout the guidebook.  But I cannot find a comparison of the terms.  It is my opinion that the use of DMS in many of these contracts does not completely cover the intended work effort.

What is the correct usage?

  1. Is DMS and DMSMS interchangeable terms?
  2. If no, then where is the use of each term appropriate?
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9/27/2017 10:12 AM
Picture Placeholder: DAVID GREINKE
06/28/2017 1:17 PM

With DoD system life cycles longer than technology life cycles, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) issues are inevitable. DoD cannot afford to be reactive in this area – reactive DMSMS management may lead to schedule delays, decreased readiness and higher cost.                        

To mitigate DMSMS, leadership involvement and adequate resources are needed. The return on investment from these resources can be substantial because proactive actions and application of resources will lengthen the window of opportunity to take corrective action and allow for a larger number of low-cost options (plus associated improvements in cost effectiveness).           

For More information visit the SD-22 Guidebook page in the DAU Tools Catalogue.

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5/31/2017 7:48 AM