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Terminated Program verses Canceled Program   Posted:2/16/2018

Appropriation for First Article Test and Low Rate Initial Production   Posted:2/13/2018

RD IS IT solutions for IC NEED Program and Project Metrics   Posted:2/12/2018

Program Documentation Annexes for Non-Joint Programs   Posted:2/12/2018

foreign military sales exceeding LOA Line Obligation Authority   Posted:2/7/2018

CDRL Software - GOTS or COTS   Posted:1/29/2018

Organizational Levels between PM and MDA   Posted:1/25/2018

Correct Appropriation prior/post OT   Posted:1/19/2018

Standard/Average Length of an AoA   Posted:1/4/2018

Aquisition Categories   Posted:12/18/2017

Program Management Directives   Posted:12/15/2017

Receipt of IFB proposals   Posted:12/6/2017

International Workforce   Posted:12/6/2017

Offset cost   Posted:12/1/2017

Can the Army join a current Navy program   Posted:11/29/2017

Difference between EMD configuration and LRIP configuration?   Posted:11/20/2017

Obsolescence Management DMSMS and FMS   Posted:11/13/2017

When should I reset the Schedule Baseline for IT Business Systems   Posted:11/7/2017

Time between Development RFP Relese Review and Milestone B   Posted:11/6/2017

Steelers are a terrible team   Posted:10/30/2017

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