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Fund Swap   Posted:6/13/2018

FMS Appropriation / outlay rates   Posted:6/6/2018

KPP/KSA Requirements for ACAT I, II, III   Posted:5/25/2018

Developing Programmatic Strategy System Level   Posted:5/22/2018

Termination vs cancellation vs closeout acquisition program   Posted:5/17/2018

Best way to track failure rates for COTS product   Posted:5/17/2018

Training Transfer Agreement   Posted:5/16/2018

Where can I find a definition of Active Program and Inactive Program?   Posted:5/16/2018

Senior Advisory Group   Posted:5/3/2018

Is there an automated database for tracking ECPs?   Posted:4/24/2018

Capabilities Based Assessment and Gap Analysis   Posted:4/12/2018

What mandates a Full Rate Production Decision Briefing   Posted:4/6/2018

Above Threshold Reprogramming - guidance and timelines   Posted:4/2/2018

Example of an Office of Primary Responsibility memo   Posted:3/29/2018

What is military utility and how is it measured?   Posted:3/15/2018

Type funding for divesting obsolete military equipment   Posted:3/7/2018

Development Engineering Funding for ANG/AFRC Programs   Posted:3/7/2018

Reverse Industry Day   Posted:3/6/2018

SHAPM VS SPM   Posted:3/5/2018

Difference between PDR and CDR   Posted:2/26/2018

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