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Cost Vouchers and Receiving Reports   Posted:7/19/2018

Request For Deviation RFD for Alternate Material   Posted:6/27/2018

Production Surveillance   Posted:6/5/2018

PCO authority to direct rescinding of CAR   Posted:6/4/2018

Quality assurance and control for service contracts   Posted:3/29/2018

Special Tooling - Special Test Equipment - Electronic Counterfeit   Posted:2/27/2018

DASD SE PQM Roles   Posted:12/19/2017

MILSTRIP DIFM Return Time   Posted:12/8/2017

Is a DD Form 1694 required to submit RFV to the Government?   Posted:11/17/2017

shipping and handling fees   Posted:10/23/2017


Seeking clarity as to the Governments rights for claiming latent defect as it pertains to warranty and the 52-246-2 clause   Posted:8/30/2017

Low Rate Initial Production - LRIP   Posted:8/30/2017

MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Q-9858A have been cancelled   Posted:8/28/2017

Is 5 percent scrap rate on a manufacturing item acceptable   Posted:8/24/2017

DD250 delay entry into WAWF   Posted:8/22/2017

Should an Altered Item drawing of an assemby include the item being atered in the parts list?   Posted:8/15/2017

ARCO Curves or Weight Advantage Curves   Posted:8/7/2017

Production line relocation   Posted:7/28/2017

MRB Authority Withheld   Posted:7/25/2017

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