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Can I receive contractor credit towards my new handheld radio by giving them my displaced handheld radio?   Posted:2/1/2018

Disposition of excess GP to Foreign Country and Foreign Contractor   Posted:1/30/2018

Receipt of non-serially managed items   Posted:1/24/2018

How to find a price for GFM with no origination paperwork and part not in Haystack?   Posted:1/24/2018

Property Codes   Posted:1/18/2018

Mocks, Jigs, and Fixtures   Posted:12/11/2017

Discrepant Contract Acquired Material   Posted:11/2/2017

PA Authority to Audit Aquisition Process/Outcome   Posted:11/2/2017

CAP and PMSA   Posted:11/2/2017

COR and disposition   Posted:11/1/2017

GOCO Facility and Tasks Formerly Supported by ISSA   Posted:10/27/2017

Reutilization of Contract Acquired Property   Posted:9/20/2017

Acquisition Costs   Posted:9/19/2017

Federal Condition Codes and Fair Market Value Rates.   Posted:9/8/2017

DCMA Plant Clearance Shipments to DLA DRMS What type of disposition is it   Posted:9/8/2017

Contractor Annual Report of Property   Posted:9/5/2017

Contract Administration. Partial Delegation and SF33 Annotation   Posted:9/5/2017

Low Rate Initial Production - LRIP   Posted:8/30/2017

When does title transfer to the Government and what constitutes delivery of vehicles purchased under a cost reimbursement contract for the performance of service in West Africa   Posted:8/24/2017

ISEA Roles and Responsibilies in DSOR Process   Posted:8/24/2017

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