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Capabilities Based Assessment and Gap Analysis   Posted:4/12/2018

Determining Inventory Objective   Posted:2/12/2018

Can a Navy activity without an in-house contracting shop accept a NAVCOMP 2276A RX document?   Posted:1/17/2018

How does an existing program become a program of record for the Army?   Posted:8/17/2017

MS B Requirements Do Not Add Up   Posted:6/28/2017

Who or at what level is a directed requirement initiated   Posted:5/16/2017

SERD?   Posted:3/14/2017

Best practices for CCMD managing service requirements for joint function   Posted:10/26/2016

Concept of Operations document   Posted:9/13/2016

DoDI 5000.74 Service Requirements Review Board   Posted:7/12/2016

Are contractors bidding on an acquisition program permitted access to the CDD?   Posted:7/6/2016

Is quantity a capability requirement?   Posted:5/24/2016

Training System at FOC   Posted:5/5/2016

FOC vs Attribute development beyond threshold   Posted:5/5/2016

Should the QASP be part of the contract   Posted:4/26/2016

Legitimacy of OSD CAPE Comments on an ICD   Posted:4/14/2016

Mission Area ICDs   Posted:4/14/2016

IS-ICD template   Posted:4/6/2016

Derived Requirements   Posted:3/24/2016

Definition of a Requirement   Posted:2/29/2016

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