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Tiered Evaluation vs Set aside   Posted:2/12/2018

Partial Set-Aside for a Multiple Awarded IDIQ   Posted:2/5/2018

Monitoring Limitations on Subcontracting   Posted:1/17/2018

Ability one FMP Cost Analysis CNA FEE   Posted:1/4/2018

What is authority for extension of 8A contract?   Posted:11/30/2017

Small Business Subcontracting- Are purchases made in foreign country included in sm bus subcontracting plan?   Posted:11/13/2017

Service Contracting-AbilityOne Custodial Services   Posted:11/9/2017

Are SB Participation Plan Goals Provided by government or offereror   Posted:10/30/2017

Is a D and F required for a consolidated procurement if set aside for small business   Posted:10/27/2017

8a Program Price Determination   Posted:9/20/2017

Fair and Reasonable Pricing Determination   Posted:8/30/2017

Walsh-Healey Act applicability to non SBA-8a subcontracts   Posted:8/18/2017

Use of Performance Based payments in a FAR Part 12 Contract   Posted:8/10/2017

8a Set Aside on GSA   Posted:8/7/2017

Are 5-day Notification Letters to SB Offerors for a T.O. under a MATOC required?   Posted:7/24/2017

Sole Source 8a   Posted:7/21/2017

Setting aside for socioeconomic concerns in RFP   Posted:7/20/2017

SBIR Phase 3 IDIQ and Govt Obligations   Posted:7/19/2017

Limiting Competitive 8a Services to GSA Schedules   Posted:7/19/2017

How long can a contract be extended?   Posted:7/19/2017

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