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Leasing forklift   Posted:6/22/2018

Is a QASP required, and if not what is used for contract surveillance in my case   Posted:6/21/2018

New Requirements for SB Subcontracting Plans Per FAR 52.219-9   Posted:6/21/2018

Follow-up discussion questions   Posted:6/21/2018

Use of RDTE for laboratory furniture   Posted:6/21/2018

Buy American Act   Posted:6/21/2018

Modification of Requirements Contracts when ordering above estimated quantities   Posted:6/21/2018

Is there a limitation on using 3600 funds for purchase of concrete?   Posted:6/21/2018

Cost Transfer of Excess Contractor Acquired Material   Posted:6/21/2018

DD1586 Contract Funds Status Report   Posted:6/21/2018

How can I determine price reasonableness on a Low Price task order on a MAC?   Posted:6/21/2018

J and A or Limited sources justification   Posted:6/20/2018

Does a JV need a separate DCAA approved cost accounting sytem?   Posted:6/20/2018

Matching PSC codes   Posted:6/21/2018

Capitalization of the word contractor in a SOW or PWS   Posted:6/20/2018

FAR 12 and Fixed-Price Contract with Prospective Price Redetermination   Posted:6/19/2018

Does a goverment representative have to approve use of Non-conforming material in all cases?   Posted:6/19/2018

Using an ECP to acquire aircraft modifications vs using a pure contract modificaionI   Posted:6/18/2018

DD250 Amendment or Correction?   Posted:6/18/2018

A subcontractor of prime is currently asking for Bond information for the contract   Posted:6/18/2018

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