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Allowability of Costs beyond Delivery Date on FPI   Posted:12/13/2018

What is the common practice when paying for labor hours resulting from travel?   Posted:12/13/2018

Bid and Preparation Allowability   Posted:12/10/2018

BPA Annual Review Approved Price List   Posted:12/7/2018

Authority to Exercise an Option Task   Posted:12/4/2018

co-mingling FMS funds and USG funds on repair contract   Posted:11/30/2018

Meeting with contractor disclaimer notice   Posted:11/29/2018

consolidate purchasing item and majntenance service   Posted:11/29/2018

Service or Supply on Subscriptions   Posted:11/28/2018

Unauthorized Commitment   Posted:11/28/2018

Use of multiple 6298s in AE contract   Posted:11/20/2018

Can a CDRL be deleted from a contract SOW, Exhibit A once a delivery has been made for that CDRL   Posted:11/16/2018

If a CDRL requirement is to be delivered as needed, as required, or as requested, but is never delivered, does that CDRL need to be deleted from the contract before the contract can be closed out?   Posted:11/16/2018

Is a maintenance contractor subject to Army maintenance regulations?   Posted:11/16/2018

Using both Tradeoff and LPTA for Same Source Selection   Posted:11/16/2018

IDIQ CPFF Incremental Funding at CLIN level   Posted:11/16/2018

Export taxes   Posted:11/9/2018

RTDE funds vs O and M   Posted:11/9/2018

FPDS-NG Solicitation Date Field when acquisition is resolicited   Posted:11/9/2018

Correctly identifying -no quote- responses   Posted:11/8/2018

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