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Is the evaluated cost for 52.217-8 to be included in the Contract Value at the time of award?   Posted:9/17/2018

GPC Purchase of Special Patches   Posted:9/12/2018

Request for Services Contract Approval RSCA   Posted:9/11/2018

Converting a Subcontract from FFP to CPFF   Posted:9/7/2018

Contract signature   Posted:9/5/2018

FAR 52.208-9 in Construction Solicitations and Contracts   Posted:9/5/2018

Subscription Contract for Cable TV or Internet   Posted:9/4/2018

Utility Contracts Crossing Fiscal Years   Posted:8/31/2018

Funding for a software license for service that begins 1 Oct   Posted:8/28/2018

Fringe Benefit rates for Equivalent Federal Hires   Posted:8/28/2018

Fair Opportunity at the Task Order Level   Posted:8/28/2018

Sent RFQ to Small Business and Received Only One Bid   Posted:8/27/2018

Equipment Lease and Consumables   Posted:8/22/2018

When is a Contractor Business System required for CAS exempt Small Business   Posted:8/22/2018

Contract Deliverable Sell Back   Posted:8/21/2018

FDO Award Fee Disagreement   Posted:8/21/2018

Comparing GSA Prices to Determine Fair and Reasonableness   Posted:8/21/2018

Shared Savings Contracting   Posted:8/20/2018

Source Selection Procedures - Technical Factors   Posted:8/17/2018

Can NAICS code 237110 be used for a service contract?   Posted:8/16/2018

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