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Does the 6 percent Limitation apply to multiple AE designs for the same requirement?   Posted:2/16/2018

Comparing GSA pricing vs Open Market pricing for Price Analysis   Posted:2/16/2018

How Long is Too Long to Obtain a Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data?   Posted:2/16/2018

Requiring Prime Contractor to Compete designated portion of SOW   Posted:2/16/2018

Can Bill of Material reflect assigned market value?   Posted:2/16/2018

LPTA in 2018   Posted:2/15/2018

Defintion of Month   Posted:2/14/2018

Over and Above FFP or Time and Materials   Posted:2/14/2018

C vs. P Type Contracts   Posted:2/13/2018

Perfomance starts when?   Posted:2/12/2018

Tiered Evaluation vs Set aside   Posted:2/12/2018

CPIF and FPIF CLIN Values   Posted:2/12/2018

Mutuality of Obligation   Posted:2/8/2018

unpriced IDIQ contracts   Posted:2/7/2018

Changing PSC and NAICS Codes   Posted:2/7/2018

Applicability of Buy American FAR clause to USN or USCG shipbiulding contracts   Posted:2/7/2018

foreign military sales exceeding LOA Line Obligation Authority   Posted:2/7/2018

Mandatory Sources and Quotes   Posted:2/7/2018

CLINS for -8 Extension   Posted:2/6/2018

termination of a service contract   Posted:2/6/2018

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