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Funded versus automatic reimbursable authority   Posted:6/12/2018

FMS Appropriation / outlay rates   Posted:6/6/2018

Operations and Maintenance Army Appropriated Funds Recruitment Items   Posted:5/2/2018

Possible Misappropriation of Funds by Congress in Omnibus Bill   Posted:4/30/2018

3023 Other Procurement appropriation funds   Posted:4/23/2018

Funds to utliize for RDTE funded projects transitioning into sustainment   Posted:4/16/2018

Can one use RDTE when no OM or Procurement funding is available?   Posted:4/5/2018

Above Threshold Reprogramming - guidance and timelines   Posted:4/2/2018

Below Threshold Reprogramming while under Continuing Resolution   Posted:4/2/2018

More than one appropriation available   Posted:3/21/2018

EVM on IDIQ contract where orders are less than twenty million   Posted:3/13/2018

Earned Value   Posted:3/9/2018

Development Engineering Funding for ANG/AFRC Programs   Posted:3/7/2018

Reprogramming   Posted:3/6/2018

CAP, GFP and Investment Threshold   Posted:2/26/2018

Appropriation for First Article Test and Low Rate Initial Production   Posted:2/13/2018

Contingent Liabilities and Contractor Overruns   Posted:1/18/2018

Budgeting guidelines for certain contract types   Posted:12/8/2017

Bona Fide need and delivery schedule   Posted:11/14/2017

OM Funding Threshold   Posted:10/23/2017

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