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Cost and Pricing data labor rates   Posted:11/20/2017

CAS 417 recovery methods   Posted:7/13/2017

Cost to Prepare a Cost Estimate   Posted:2/6/2017

Cost Proposal Analysis using a Sampling Approach   Posted:1/30/2017

Is spare quantity included in denominator for APUC and PAUC calculation   Posted:12/12/2016

Cost and Pricing Data   Posted:10/31/2016

Can an Air Logistics Center subcontract quote be considered adequeate price competition?   Posted:9/28/2016

Army Cost position and the Independent Cost Estimate.   Posted:9/23/2016

Tech Eval question   Posted:9/20/2016

IGCE and Phase-in   Posted:6/24/2016

Spares Factor   Posted:2/18/2016

IGCE requirement   Posted:6/2/2015

Pricing with or without First Article   Posted:5/26/2015

Calculating Advance Procurement   Posted:5/12/2015

Estimating the cost of reliability testing   Posted:11/17/2014

Request for Cost/Price Information   Posted:12/16/2013

Solicitation v/s Proposal   Posted:10/24/2013

Cost Estimating Relationships Recommendation   Posted:9/27/2013

Do you provide pricing when requesting a technical evaluation?   Posted:9/24/2013

POE factor for DMSMS   Posted:7/3/2013

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