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What is the defination of a defect   Posted:8/24/2017

System Functional Hazard Review   Posted:8/4/2017


TEMP and Detailed Test Plans   Posted:7/19/2017

Are Ammunition Data Cards Required on Test Articles   Posted:7/6/2017

SE involvement during an Operational Test   Posted:7/6/2017

Component Acquisition Executive Approval   Posted:7/3/2017

Scope of requirements in Performance Specification   Posted:6/15/2017

Verification Method Definitions   Posted:4/4/2017

TEMP vs TES what is the difference?   Posted:2/7/2017

Office code for Director, Innovation, Technology Requirements and Test and Evaluation   Posted:12/1/2016

Manuals for Test   Posted:11/10/2016

Modifications funding - percentage of procurement funds used for OT assets?   Posted:11/2/2016

What the process is for asking if AFOTEC if they want to be involved as the OTA for an ACAT II program or if they want to delegate it to a MAJCOM?   Posted:11/2/2016

Who approves ACAT ID TEMPS   Posted:10/18/2016

Require use of GFE in a Performance Specification   Posted:9/19/2016

Is there a guide for how much testing is required for ECP during the Production and Deployment phase   Posted:8/29/2016

Who is responsible for safety certification of prime movers and the systems mounted on them and the systems they tow?   Posted:8/4/2016

Test and Evaluation policy for components   Posted:7/19/2016

How to review an LCSP from a T and E perspective   Posted:6/22/2016

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