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RD IS IT solutions for IC NEED Program and Project Metrics   Posted:2/12/2018

How Soon Before Milestone B Should a System Readiness Review Be Conducted?   Posted:1/23/2018

Standard/Average Length of an AoA   Posted:1/4/2018

LSI Training Presentation   Posted:1/3/2018

Operational Dependability   Posted:10/27/2017

Documents Referencing Distribution D CDRLs   Posted:9/20/2017

Algorithm Description Document   Posted:8/25/2017

What is the best current diagram showing TRLs, BAs and JCIDS on one slide/diagram?   Posted:7/12/2017

SE involvement during an Operational Test   Posted:7/6/2017

Certification action   Posted:6/22/2017

Looking for background data concerning the use of Knowledge Points for Milestone Decisions   Posted:6/22/2017

Technical Refresh definition and limitations   Posted:6/20/2017

Log Data Flow and Info Systems involved   Posted:5/19/2017

Level of Repair Analysis - Data Item Description   Posted:4/19/2017

Large DAU Poster on -Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology, and Logistic Life Cycle-   Posted:4/12/2017

Measuring the Openness of an Architecture   Posted:2/24/2017

Value Engineering in the Design Phase   Posted:1/25/2017

Logistics Product Data as a CDRL during EMD   Posted:1/18/2017

Are ECPs necessary to support software development prior to reaching FOC?   Posted:12/30/2016

where can I find an example of validation and verification matrices?   Posted:12/19/2016

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