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Where can I find the NAVSEA 5400-111a?   Posted:12/11/2018

Can a TRA for an Army program be conducted by the Air Force?   Posted:7/18/2017

What is the best current diagram showing TRLs, BAs and JCIDS on one slide/diagram?   Posted:7/12/2017

various vehicles   Posted:12/21/2016

DoD Guidance for Conducting Joint Military Utility Assessments   Posted:12/20/2016

Is there a systemic means of estimating the Science and Technology cost?   Posted:10/20/2016

When can 6.4 funds be used on a TRL 5 level piece of equipment   Posted:8/18/2016

Sharing with industry and academy   Posted:8/2/2016

Transition Agreements TAs   Posted:2/3/2016

Engineering and Scientist Exchange Program   Posted:10/6/2015

TRA Briefings   Posted:4/10/2015

Technology Assessment/Control Plans?   Posted:3/25/2015

Static electricity and explosives means of containment   Posted:12/17/2014

FAA Type certified software requirements   Posted:4/11/2014

DAUs Units of Measure table   Posted:3/31/2014

Government providing input and feedback on a Company IRAD effort?   Posted:2/5/2014

How do the DoD Labs and Academia fit into the Integrated Life Cycle Chart?   Posted:10/30/2013

What is the DoD Seed Money Policy   Posted:8/13/2013

What is the Science and Technology Quick Response Capability Project?   Posted:4/29/2013

Access to scientific journals   Posted:9/6/2012

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