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GPC Purchase of Special Patches   Posted:9/12/2018

Converting a Subcontract from FFP to CPFF   Posted:9/7/2018

Funding for a software license for service that begins 1 Oct   Posted:8/28/2018

Can Government Purchase Card be used to procure advertising space?   Posted:8/14/2018

FAR 16 vs FAR 25   Posted:8/2/2018

GPC Payment   Posted:7/9/2018

Leasing forklift   Posted:6/22/2018

Use of RDTE for laboratory furniture   Posted:6/21/2018

FMS Accountablity   Posted:6/20/2018

Can you purchase UNICOR furniture with just a MIPR?   Posted:6/14/2018

Purchase of Standing Desk   Posted:5/23/2018

Split Purchase Year end spending   Posted:5/23/2018

Purchase of baseball caps identifying commandf assignment for Navy Personnel   Posted:5/11/2018

Morale/ Team Building Event   Posted:5/3/2018

renting mailboxes   Posted:5/2/2018

Requesting a Governement Audit of an Accounting and Billing System   Posted:3/2/2018

DPAS Threshold When Combing Rated and Unrated Quantities   Posted:2/15/2018

Justification for Excluding competition on a BPA call   Posted:6/20/2017

Rental of Equipment with an option to purchase   Posted:5/23/2017

Can a UAC become and ADA Violation   Posted:5/18/2017

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