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 Student Policies & Info


Students at DAU are expected to meet the highest standards of personal, ethical, and moral conduct. These standards require personal integrity and honesty. The discovery, advancement, and communication of knowledge will be achieved only with a commitment to these standards.

DAU Directive 704, Student Academic and Administrative Polices addresses student Standards of Conduct as well as a variety of other academic and administrative policies and procedures associated with students attending courses at or through DAU. Specifically this directive coves:

You can review DAU Directive 704 in its entirety at the below link or the individual attachments at the above links.
DAU Directive 704, Student Academic and Administrative Policies and Procedures

In addition to DAU Directive 704, the President, DAU has issued the following policies applicable to students:

Equal Opportunity

Sexual Harassment

Open Door

Non attribution

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Severe Weather/
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Students and Overtime

DAU encourages students who have an issue or concern with the learning environment to discuss it with their instructor. Students who feel their issue is not resolved satisfactorily may go to the department chair/site manager or Regional Associate Dean for Academics. If you feel that your concern needs to be addressed further, please contact the DAU Center for Scheduling and Student Support at toll free 866-568-6924 option 1. Students may also contact DAU accrediting body the Council on Occupational Education (COE) at 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350, 770-396-3898 if their issue is not properly addressed within DAU.



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