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  From the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Better Buying Power Principles:
―What Are They?

Frank Kendall

World War, Then and Now
―World War III in the 21st Century

Craig Arndt, D. Eng.

A comprehensive look at the current global struggle, the nature of our enemy—including non-state adversaries—and the 21st-century environment.

The International Defense System After-Action Review
―An Industry Perspective

Lawrence E. Casper

The After-Action Review is a powerful tool for recording and analyzing successes and failures that occur in the pursuit of an international defense contract.

Maritime Autonomy
―Reducing the Risk in a High-Risk Program

David Antanitus

An unmanned maritime vessel now being built is the first step in developing autonomous ships capable of extended at-sea operations and minimizing naval personnel and casualties.

Collaborative Supply-Base Risk Assessment ―Uncovering Risk With Suppliers Enables Strategic Investments
Jeff Sorenson, Kevin Krot, Jason Krajcovic and Andrew Webb

During the winding down of overseas operations amid budgetary constraints, strategies to assist suppliers are becoming more difficult to carry out. Which truly important or critical capabilities are at risk?

Military Throwaways?
―Why Acquirers Should Go Disposable

Maj. Patrick Dugan, USAF; Maj. Jon D. McComb, USAF; and Maj. Chad Steipp, USAF

In the face of rapid technological change, the military needs to prepare for regular and ongoing replacement of equipment that has become obsolete.

For Hire: Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
―Small Firms Meet Growing Demand

France Hoang

In one project, a real-time video feed from a nearby unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) surveilling the surface waters allowed an analyst to identify a problem and rapidly redirect the UAV and sensors.

Data Requirements Review Boards
―and Their Importance

David Adams

Steps can be taken in contracting to manage data and avoid overload. The many different types of data involved include technical, contractual or financial and administrative data.

Driving Future Change
―With Army Research, Collaboration and Prototyping

Jeffrey D. From, Debbie S. Couch and Calvin S. Johnson

A functioning prototype is developed rapidly, based on study results. The resulting prototype provided a tangible, functioning mission command tool while facilitating experimentation and continued research.


Freedom of Information Act Requests
―Six Keys to Handling Them

Michael A. Rodgers

Six keys to understanding the public’s right to know and how to respond to requests for information correctly and through the proper channels.


My Oar Keeps Breaking ―How to Move Your Part of the Program Forward
Chad Millette

Don’t worry about the whole program, if that’s not your job. Worry about managing the direction and cost of the part of the program that is your assignment.


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