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Ethics and Acquisition Professionalism: It is All About Trust
Frank Kendall

From the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

International Arms Sales: An Industry Perspective
Lawrence E. Casper

Most national governments give defense a top priority, but what they ultimately procure in weapons systems may reveal further underlying motives and priorities.

Critical Thinking: A Missing Ingredient in DoD’s Acquisition (Education) System
Sean M. Frisbee and Scott Reynolds

The complex and unstable environment surrounding federal procurement makes thorough preparation of the acquisition workforce particularly difficult but also more important than ever.

What the Acquisition Workforce Knows
Stephen V. Reeves

Outcomes ultimately matter, but calls for reforming “the process” run into difficulty given greater emphasis “on things not going wrong than on assuring most things go right.”

Acquisition Challenges of a Lethal Virus
Col. Russell E. Coleman, USA

The Ebola virus outbreak in Africa presents a challenge—and a real learning experience—for the Defense Department’s Chemical and Biological Defense program

Tiny Nanoparticles —A Big Battlefield Impact?
Donald Kennedy

Tiny metallic nanoparticles can change the landscape of defense technology—from helping conceal the location of warfighters to providing transparent displays in vehicles.

Army Acquisition Lessons Learned
Jill Iracki

A center established within the last four years collects, analyzes and disseminates the U.S. Army’s acquisition experience and includes a knowledge management portal for program executive offices.

Cybersecurity Challenges for Program Managers
Steve Mills and Rob Goldsmith

Program managers need the right policies, processes, people and tools to counter cybersecurity threats in Defense Department acquisition programs.

Accounting for Every Kilowatt
Maj. Mark Gillman, USA; William M. Singleton; Robert A. Wilson; William Cotta; John Donnal ; James Paris; and Steven Leeb

Field tests of a load monitor being developed at MIT promise improved management of electricity use by forward-deployed soldiers.

More Time Management Tips for Busy People
Roy Wood, Ph.D.

Sometimes you just have to tear into time-consuming items and tasks.



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