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From the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics—Tying Profit to Performance A Valuable Tool, But Use With Good Judgment
Frank Kendall

From the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics

Performance-Based Logistics—A Readiness Strategy Tailor Made for Austere Times
Bill Kobren

With properly structured and executed Performance-Based Logistics, weapon system operating and support costs actually can be reduced while performance increases.

Source Selection Simulation—Intact Team Training on Picking a Provider
Tom Elsesser and Bill Long

An interactive development platform allows a team to develop from remote locations and record the results in a DVD. This affords troops in remote locations access to acquisition regulations, policies, procedures, templates and examples. The troops could practice with the DVD and carry it with them on deployment.

Integrating Intelligence and Acquisition to Meet Evolving Threats—Interview With Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of the Defense Intelligence Agency
Brian Brodfuehrer

It is important to build a stronger partnership between the acquisition, requirements and intelligence communities to anticipate and plan for responsive and emerging threats. This partnership must leverage the best of what each community offers in order to stay ahead of changing threats.

Developing Non-Lethal Weapons—The Human Effects Characterization Process
Wesley A. Burgei, Shannon E. Foley and Lt. Col. Scott M. McKim, USAF

Warfighters equipped with non-lethal weapons, such as dazzling lasers, got drivers’ attentions and brought approaching vehicles to a halt. Using these non-lethal capabilities helped differentiate combatants and noncombatants and reduced checkpoint shootings.

The Fast Follower—Coming Up Behind Development Leaders
David Pearson

The fast follower has a “replicate and duplicate” strategy. This leaves experimentation and risk to others while positioning the fast follower to rapidly exploit new technical knowledge.

The First 100 Days of an Acquisition Workforce Manager
Michael Cook

The challenge facing a new workforce manager is to develop a plan to make the transition effectively. Managing others is not easy. Each situation is different because every person is unique.

Acquisition Pros Keep the Gears Moving
Janice Laurenti

Following significant past cutbacks in the acquisition workforce, new entrants have an opportunity to make a difference and contribute to acquisition reform while doing more with less.

Best Value Strategy—Raising Special Ops Mobility
Nathan Meidl

By culling and clarifying requirements and using a unique source selection approach, the U.S. Special Operations Command compressed acquisition cycle times and expedited the acquisition of Ground Mobility Vehicle 1.1 Software.

Software 2015: Situation Dire
Don O’Neill

The convergence of software, national security and global competition could unleash a cascade of destructive effects. The software industry needs to provide more innovation, trustworthiness and cybersecurity.


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