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 Tracking Individual Points Earned


Execution of the acquisition continuous learning program is at the component/agency level.  Each of the DoD components have systems in place for tracking Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) that their workforce members earn.  Additionally, the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DCAM) for the 4th Estate (all other DoD agencies) has a system in place to support these organizations.  To access your system, select your component or the 4th Estate link below.


   Air Force

Navy/Marine Corps

 4th Estate

Facts on Tracking CLPs: 

  • All DAU continuous learning modules (CLMs) and training courses have CLPs assigned to them.  You can view the CLP value on the course concept card in the iCatalog.

    • When Defense Acquisition Workforce members complete a DAU CLM or training, the CLPs assigned to the course will automatically flow from DAU to the members CLP tracking system. 
    • For other DAU sponsored activities, workforce members must enter the points manually into their respective point tracking system, even if DAU may assign a specific CLP value to the activity.

  • For all other types of activities, the components and the 4th Estate DACM have implemented systems for manual entry and validation of points entered into their tracking systems. Your component may have other programs, and as such, it has integrated these with their CLP tracking system so that CLPs earned will automatically flow into your record.  You will have to consult with your unit representative or components acquisition career management office for these details.

  • Each of the components implement CLP tracking in slightly different ways to ensure workforce members meet the standards set forth in DoD Instruction 5000.66.  Regardless of tracking method, the following principles apply throughout all systems and methods:

    • Excess points cannot be credited or carried over to a future period.
    • Points earned are applied at the time earned, regardless of when the points are entered into the tracking system.

  • Remember these steps when calculating points:

    1. Calculate each day separately.
    2. Total the day values to obtain an event value.
    3. If total CLPs for the event is a fraction, round to the closest whole number with .5 rounding up.


    • Remember:
      • 1 point for each hour of instruction.
      • ½ point for each hour participating in general sessions of conferences and symposiums.
      • 2 points for each hour if the participant is the instructor or presenter.
      • Do not count time spent on breaks or unstructured activities such as kiosk visiting.

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